Saturday, December 22, 2007

Outwardly the scene was normal, as Talent Pack One cruised the sector 12 landing area, but within the confines of the humanoid's thoraxial cavity, suspended in a huge ball of gas, the alien creature was making itself ready for another run at the southern portal. Outside, in the atmosphere, the humanoid they called "Beemer" was preparing to transport the white dwarf toward the event horizon, when the commander of the telecast received a distress call from Talent Pack One.

"Do not, repeat, do not call in Talent Pack One," came the plaintive cry. "I am under attack from within, by an unknown weapon, presumed biological. Southern Portal is weakening! Talent Pack One, heading for Cosmic Relief Station at warp factor 9000, Code Blue! Repeat, Code Blue! Incoming! All spectator drones in line for Cosmic Relief Station Abort, Abort, Abort! Get the hell out of my way, you assholes!

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