Thursday, June 25, 2009
I am 17 years old. Is it normal to not like to play real golf, but really like to play golf video games? -- Craig K., Fayetteville, AR

How did you like working with Gary McCord on [EA Sports] Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004? How did that come about (Two good golfer announcers on the same game)? How different is it from being on the last three games? I have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003. You are very funny. Keep up the good work. Please E-mail me back. Keep it in the fairway.
-- Mike McClure, Houston TX

I read with interest your July article about returning to Bangor Golf Club and your worries about speaking at the centenary dinner. How did it go, and was it easier than you thought it might be? How is Uncle Dickie?

-- Peter Feherty, Newmarket, Ontario (formerly Bangor, N.Ireland)

Thanks for your work. Have you had a chance to speak with Sam [Torrance] since he`s started ravaging the senior tour? He looks happier than a pig in s--t. Good for him! Any plans for another book soon? All the best to you and your family.
-- Les Robinson, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Seems like any time a pro misses a three-foot putt the first thing he does is tap down a real or imagined spike mark somewhere near his line. Wouldn't it be refreshing someday to hear an announcer say, "He misread that putt, pushed it a foot off-line until it hit that spike mark halfway there and knocked that sucker back in the middle of the hole"? Or, the pro himself might make that comment in the after-round interview. This is not sucking up, but I love your work. Keep it up. Thanks.

-- Ed Porterfield, Winter Springs, FL

I'm electronically writing to you from the old country. The land of the green grass and grey cloud! I was just wondering if there's a Rule in Golf which says you must play a shot towards the hole? E.g. In a fourball game, if you have a putt for a point and your partner has one for three points, is it okay to putt away from the hole to the same line as your partner so that you can putt on his line to show it to him? I seem to remember you played at Kiawah Island in the '91 Ryder Cup matches, when Seve and Ollie were playing the 18th. Seve missed his drive down in scrubland and in a hollow to the right of the fairway and although he could have scrambled it towards the green, he decided to hit the ball backwards across the fairway just behind Ollie's ball, then hit to the green to about three feet from the hole and said, "Play a 5-iron!" to Ollie. I'm assuming it's allowed when off the green, but is there a Rule whereby you can't do it on the green?
-- David Murray, Dublin, Ireland

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