Saturday, January 20, 2007
If you've ever wanted to send David Feherty a question or comment, here's your chance! David is putting down his mike to answer your E-mails in his mailbag column for GOLFONLINE.

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Why does the PGA continue to allow players to use long putters that are braced against the body during the putting stroke? What is your position on banning the use of such putters?
-- Jeff Bartlett, Glastonbury, CT

When a golf swing is executed and a nice beaver pelt of turf is taken, is a divot what is taken or what is left? I have witnessed heated discussion (after several crown and gingers) for both sides of this question.
-- Jeramiah Johnson Wilson, Atlanta, GA

It seems to me that it is time to change the way world rankings are done. It should be from season to season. There are guys out there busting butt each and every week and yet Tiger sits on the throne in his kingdom. I admit, like the rest of the world, Tiger is the best player on the planet and I, like the rest of the world, love to watch him play. Granted, he is winning or coming close to winning the ones that count the most -- majors. But what if college football, basketball did the same thing? Miami would never come off No. 1, even if they have a losing season. Tiger might not have to swing a club for the next 10 years and no one will catch him. I think it would only be fair to all the players to clean the board after each season and let them go on the hunt. Might force Tiger to play a few more rounds...
-- Butch Zirpolo, Hunter AAF, GA

Damn you, David Feherty, you made me cry. I finished your new book on the plane back from LAX to Atlanta and the last story on Make-A-Wish turned me into a blubbering fool. That was the PERFECT story to end this book and also provide some perspective. I've long admired your work for CBS. I can't count the times that me and my buddies discuss your more memorable moments during the week following a tournament ("Did you hear what Feherty said?") I can't imagine televised golf without your contribution of dementia. However, after reading this compilation, I've decided your true gift is writing. I went out today and bought your novel; can't wait to start on it. Please keep it up and thanks very much for both the laughter and the tears.
-- Mark Salyers, Macon, GA

Whenever I watch you and McCord playing off of each other's cue during a broadcast I almost tend to forget about the tournament altogether because I get caught up in the entertainment. Oh well, to the question. I heard rumors to the effect that McCord is banned from broadcasting certain golf tournaments. Any truth to this? And if so, why? Go ahead, Dave. You can tell me. I promise to keep it under my hat (that is, if I had one.)
-- Lare Austin, El Segundo, CA

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