Saturday, January 20, 2007
If you've ever wanted to send David Feherty a question or comment, here's your chance! David is putting down his mike to answer your E-mails in his mailbag column for GOLFONLINE.

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What are the proper amounts to tip caddies, cart attendants, valets, clubhouse personnel, forecaddies, etc.? Does it elevate with the price of the greens fee or the quality of service? The only proper gratuity I'm sure of is the bartender.
-- Frank McElwain, Ellwood City, PA


Cart Attendants:


Clubhouse personnel:


I have asked this before, but no one will answer. Do the pros pay an entrance fee to enter a tournament and if so, how much?
-- Jerry Billings, Farmington, NM

Good question! Unfortunately, in order to answer it properly, I'd have to engage in the kind of physical effort which I have steadfastly resisted for more than 40 years. Like making a phone call. However, I can tell you that the last time I entered a PGA Tour event, it cost me the princely sum of a hundred bucks. I don't recall if I made my investment back either. [Editor's note: PGA Tour pros no longer pay entrance fees for PGA tournaments.]

My husband and I enjoy your columns and commentary. However, ever since reading "The Mighty Hunter," he has taken to repeating the phrase "she can shoot the balls off a squirrel." So often in fact, that I'm thinking about buying a gun because he's starting to look a little squirrelish. Any advice?
-- Margaret Duffy, Lackawanna, NY

David, taking nothing away from Tiger Woods, as he is the "No. 1" golfer in the world. Now that that is said, WHY does the media especially the goly media push "Tiger Woods" on everyone? I'll explain: even if Tiger is 6, 7, 8 shots back of the leader, you guy's will still show him, but do you show othe golfers in the same bracket or even his playing partners?? Another example is: if someone is 7 under and Tiger birdies a hole, you'll put "His" name ahead or on top, "WHY"??? It doesn't belong ther! I would have to say 90 out of every 100 guys I know don't like to watch golf (PGA Tour) instead they would rather watch the Champion Tour or nothing at all! None of this is "Tigers" fault it is the media, and you guys are runoning it!
-- Bob Williams, Phoenix, AZ

Sawasdee from the land of smiles. As a member of the G.W.A.A. your consistently witty and hilarious comments and insights on golf and life have enriched my life immeasurably. That said, what I really want to know is...What is your top-10 list -- like David Letterman -- of the most amazing shots you have witnessed Tiger Woods hit during competition?
-- Peter Andraes, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

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