Saturday, January 20, 2007
Why am I not ever able to bring the same game I have on the practice tee, where I rarely miss a shot, to the first tee? Please help.
-- Lawrence Green, London

I think Annika Sorenstam has been the most dominant golfer on the planet for the last two years and deserves more credit/publicity/recognition than she has gotten for doing what she has done over that stretch. The question, though, is simply this; do you think she has any legitimate shot at winning a PGA tournament on any course, and what effect will it have on her if she fails to make the cut at the Colonial in May?
-- Jerry Stephenson, Puryear, TN

Which town do the tournament players most look forward to staying in during the season. Conversely, which towns do they dread and can't wait to get out of?
-- Kevin Conner, Jacksonville, Florida

Many thanks for your stories the last few years. I still love reading Ramble in the Bramble. Your bio says your interests include golf course design. Have you done any courses yet? Can you describe your design style? For example, every Nicklaus course I've ever played seem to be patterned after his game: Tight fairways, small firm greens requiring towering irons shots and murder-by-bogey if you miss the green. Where can one play a Feherty design?
-- Louis Kaneshiro, Anaheim Hills, CA

SpongeBob SquarePants Midnight Express

What is the most amusing or bizarre incident that you have ever witnessed as a player or commentator during a professional golf tournament?
-- Marcus Graham Winter Park, FL

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