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Tour Confidential: How would the PGA Tour have handled Donald Sterling? Plus, U.S. Ryder Cup picks and Donald Trump

Stacy Lewis
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Stacy Lewis celebrates her ninth LPGA Tour victory at the North Texas LPGA Shootout.

5. While the PGA Tour’s biggest stars have been mostly MIA this season – except for Bubba -- the LPGA had another big name win this week: Stacy Lewis at the North Texas Shootout. Has the LPGA become more entertaining than the PGA Tour?

VAN SICKLE: The PGA Tour has had a series of underdogs knocking off proven champions this year, plus the comeback story of Holmes. It's been very entertaining if you actually like golf, but the winners haven't been the usual big names. The Shell Houston Open finish was about as remarkable as you're going to get. Paula Creamer made a crazy ocean-liner putt, but overall, I'd favor the guys.

BAMBERGER: Not more entertaining, but more exciting -- everything seems new and fresh. I can't remember the last time it was this good to be the LPGA.

RITTER: It's been a great year for the LPGA and Lewis is another fantastic winner. If you love watching golf on all tours, you'd probably say advantage LPGA so far this season.

SENS: Easier to root for, with more likeable and approachable players whose games we can more easily relate to. But that's not the same as being more entertaining.

PASSOV: We admire Stacy Lewis immensely, but we don't ooh and aah when she launches the ball. I've enjoyed the LPGA season a lot -- many compelling events and breakthrough performances, notably from Lexi and Wiesey -- but until they can make magic happen in the ways that most every threesome that tees off on the PGA Tour does, they're not going to be quite as entertaining.

LYNCH: Only if you're LPGA commissioner Mike Whan.

SHIPNUCK: Your question is misguided and ill-informed -- the LPGA has been more interesting for years and years.

6. The fifth major is almost upon us! Give us your Players Championship pick and reason why.

VAN SICKLE: There is no fifth major. However, I'll pick Matt Kuchar at the Players. He's played the most consistent golf of anyone this year and he's got good memories and a good feel for that course.

SENS: Rory McIlory, because I keep picking him to win another big event and one of these days he's going to prove me right.

BAMBERGER: Furyk. Home game. He's trending. He's due. He's a shotmaker and a smart player.

PASSOV: Phil Mickelson is getting closer and closer, despite a final-round flameout at the Wells Fargo. Still, it's time for Jordan Spieth to shine with a great win, not just with a great showing. Much of the pressure is actually off Spieth, because he's proved that he is already among the elite in the game. Now he just has to let the victories start happening. He will start at the Players.

RITTER: I'll take Kuchar, who's won it before and seems to either win or come close to winning every week.

SHIPNUCK: Luke Donald. It's a finesse course now and he's long overdue for a win.

LYNCH: Johnny Miller. He's the only guy at Sawgrass I'm confident is assured a good week. All else is fate and folly.

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