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PGA Tour Confidential: Phil Mickelson coughs up late lead at Wells Fargo

Vijay Singh
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Vijay Singh will not be punished for admitting to have used deer-antler spray.

5. Thanks to Michael Bamberger, we now know the full story about how Augusta National officials were notified of Tiger's illegal drop at the 2013 Masters. Champions Tour player and rules official Dave Eger had concerns about the drop while watching TV and got in touch with Augusta. How does this new information change your view of Augusta's decision not to disqualify Woods (and Woods' subsequent decision not to withdraw)?

Morfit: At this point Fred Ridley and the Rules Committee probably look worse than Woods, and that wasn't the case the day this all went down.

Passov: I don't care if it was David Eger who called in or David Bowie, I still can't stand the fact that anyone outside of the tournament grounds can affect the score -- and outcome -- of a golf tournament by a telephone call. Protecting the field? Garbage. The only players that ever get nailed are the superstars or the leaders. The cameras aren't focused on the other guys. End this practice and this particular issue will no longer arise.

Godich: My opinion hasn't changed. Tiger should've been DQ'd, and even when that didn't happen, he should have withdrawn. The fact that such a respected rules official phoned in only reinforces Fred Ridley's mistake.

Ritter: The Augusta rules committee, and Fred Ridley specifically, are probably even more embarrassed. I enjoyed all the new info, but didn't change my opinion: Tiger should've been DQ'd, and the ruling was botched.

Van Sickle: The Tiger case was open-and-shut. He should've been disqualified and I said that from the start. The only question is whether Fred Ridley simply bungled the call or was playing favorites. Either way, I expect a rules official to be walking with every Masters pairing next year to avoid a replay of this fiasco. In Tiger's behalf, and this is only a weak defense, if the Masters officials say you're OK, you should be OK. But you should know better than to be the only guy in a century to sign for a wrong score and NOT be disqualified. No way that's right.

Reiterman: Nothing really changes for me, except Eger proved that you can actually help a player by calling in a rules infraction.

6. Fill in the blank: Vijay Singh not being punished by the PGA Tour for taking a deer antler spray that contained the banned growth factor IGF-1 is _____.

Godich: Sad.

Morfit: Not a great day for the Tour or the World Anti Doping Agency. It's hard to take drug-testing seriously when we can't seem to come to a consensus on what we're testing for and what to do when we find it.

Ritter: A clear signal that the Tour's drug program is not world class, especially when compared to Olympic sports. There's no excuse.

Van Sickle: Vijay Singh not being banned... is a warning shot across the PGA Tour's bow that maybe golf isn't as ready for the Olympics, and its exponentially stricter drug restrictions, as everyone thinks.

Passov: Bone-headed. I'm not saying the penalty should have been harsh, but he should have been penalized in some way, if not for punishment, then for future deterrence.

Reiterman: Ridiculous.

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