Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dear David,
With the New Year upon us will you be making any New Year's Resolutions? I think I'm going to stop trying to figure out what's growing on McCord's face (owl's nest?, desert brush?).
Best wishes now and always, John — Phoenix, AZ

Dear David,
It would be real hoot to see you & McCord in the same foursome at a Champions event when you become eligible. Any chance of that happening? Thanks! — Russ

Hi David.
I truly enjoy your work and your perspective on life and the game of golf. While watching the Q-School qualifying in December, I stated to wonder how the rookies are treated when they get to the tour? Are they welcomed by the guys who are there already, or because it is so competitive, are they treated more like McCord at an Augusta National board meeting?
Keep up the good work. — John

Dear Mr. Feherty,
I am a female golfer. I've been grinding away at improving my game for about 5 seasons. In those 5 seasons, I've heard a lot of "shouldn't you be at home cleaning and cooking?" and "I hope you got all the laundry done before you came here to play.". I don't take it seriously. It's just guys being guys in this man's world where I'm trying to play a gentleman's sport. I'm generally pretty witty but I can't seem to come up with a clever retort. You're the guru of witty responses. Might you be able to help me with a clever comeback? — Tina, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Feherty,
I am trying to find out when we can expect to see "A Beastly Turn of Events: An Uncle Dickie Novel" available for purchase at our local bookseller. I have flat worn out "A Nasty Bit of Rough"; and am dying to find out what has been going on with the gang since winning the golf match up north. By now all should be healed and we must know what can be done to save the finest golf club collection in the world. — Mike S., West Lafayette, Indiana

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