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PGA Tour Confidential: Brandt Snedeker wins Pebble Beach Pro-Am

PGA Tour Confidential: Brandt Snedeker wins Pebble Beach Pro-Am
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En route to victory, Snedeker enjoyed some of the most dramatic views in golf, including this shot of Pebble's ninth hole.

Van Sickle: Where do you rank Pebble Beach on your personal list of America's best courses? If it's not No. 1, what do you rank ahead of it and why?

Godich: I still have to go with Augusta National. I love the risk-reward of the par-5s as well as the creativity the players display on and around the greens. And let's be honest about Pebble. As spectacular as the oceanside holes are, most of the inland holes don't leave a lasting impression.

Morfit: It's so achingly beautiful, I can't not rank it No. 1. The sixth through the 10th holes are really juicy, but there are some pretty forgettable holes, like the very first, which borders not breathtaking coastline but ... housing.

Chamblee: Pebble is my favorite place to play in the United States because with its combination of views, golf and the way I feel when I'm playing there. But I would not rank it as the best course in the U.S. because it doesn't have enough great par 4s. I would rank it behind Shinnecock, Riviera, Augusta National and Pine Valley, but it's still in my top five.

Garrity: Consulting my popular blog, John Garrity's Top 50, I see that Pebble Beach is ranked No. 9. Only two American courses are ranked ahead of it -- Prairie Dunes and Augusta National -- but if I had only one round left in life, I'm sure I'd pick Pebble. Even in bad weather. It's the scenery.

Gorant: I don't have such a ranking but then I never collected baseball cards either. Have enjoyed Pebble, but would still call Somerset Hills my favorite. Don't really keep track after that.

Van Sickle: You can't separate the scenery from the course. For that reason, there is no golf experience to rival Pebble Beach in this country. So I have to rank it No. 1.

Bamberger: Pebble is in my top 26. I take in everything, and Pebble's getting dinged for its high green fees. Yes, it's supply and demand, I get it. But your're gonna pay for it somewhere, and here it is.

Reiterman: Unfortunately I've never played the hallowed links, so I'm going to have to stick with Augusta. I was fortunate enough to win the media lottery a few years ago at the National, and it was as much fun to play as it is to watch every April.

Lynch: Pebble would struggle to make my personal top 10, but I will concede that it's among the top 3 courses on the Monterey Peninsula, though not in the top two slots (cue hate mail from Shipnuck). If you accept the premise that history and views don't always combine for a great golf course, then Pebble Beach is the third best course on the Peninsula after Cypress Point and MPCC's Shore course. Sure, it has five or six truly great holes, but the rest is largely forgettable. What would I rank above it? Take your pick: In addition to the aforementioned, toss in Pine Valley, Shinnecock Hills, Merion, Pacific Dunes, Sand Hills, for starters.

Ritter: Still haven't seen Pebble in person, but the best course I've walked in the U.S. remains Augusta, and my co-favorites that I've played are Kapalua's Plantation Course and Lanai's Challenge at Manele.

Wei: It's not No. 1, but I'd say it's in the top five, mostly because of the history and the beauty. I've only played Pebble once and I spent most of the time taking pictures, so I need to play it again for a more informed opinion. American courses better than Pebble that I've actually played? National Golf links of America will always be the best test of golf IMHO. Every hole is unique, and it makes you play every shot/club in the bag.
Shipnuck: It's number one for me, and not just because I spent three summers working there as a cart boy. The history and beauty are off-the-charts, but what makes Pebble so special are the heroic shot values. And some of the less famous holes are vastly underrated. I think 4 is one of the coolest little par-4s anywhere. 11 has an amazing green. The approach shot into 13 is one of my favorites anywhere -- it takes so much geometry. I can go on if you want me to...

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Is Pebble Beach the best course in the U.S.? If not, what ranks higher on your list?

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