Snedeker's third PGA Tour win came in January at Torrey Pines.
Gary Bogdon
By Tom Mackin
Friday, June 01, 2012
Four of your five professional wins have come in playoffs, including this year at Torrey Pines. Aren't there less dramatic ways to win?

Being a playoff veteran, how do you maintain that focus?

You were PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 2007 but didn't win again until 2011. What happened in between?

You've had two top-10 finishes in the last four U.S. Opens. Why do you enjoy that event so much?

You're only 31 years old but you've already had surgery on both hips in the past two years.

You grew up and still live in Nashville. You must be a country music fan.

Any particular country song sum up the state of your game right now?

You're a big fan of sports at your alma mater [Vanderbilt University]. Which of your Tour wins would you trade for a national championship in basketball or football?

Would you trade a major in for a national championship?

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