HIT AND RUN: Thirty-six-hole days are common at Bandon. So is a brisk pace.
Wood Sabold
Friday, June 03, 2011

The key to maintaining a pace of play like Bandon's is creating a culture that's conducive to it, says Josh Lesnik of KemperSports, who implemented the resort's pace-of-play program.

"It starts by making everyone accountable, from the staff at the bag drop to the starter to the people who serve you breakfast before you head to the first tee," Lesnik says. "When they greet you, they're going to ask, 'And what time do you tee off, sir?' It's not meant to be overbearing. Just a gentle reminder that keeps everyone on the same page. We have rangers, of course. But it's rare for us to get to the point where we have to ask someone to pick it or up or move up a hole. The culture we've created is self-perpetuating.

"A lot of the people who come here, we call them Bandonistas. They want to get out at dawn, play till dark and get around the course quickly. For them, that's all part of Bandon's appeal."

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