Bill Murray at the Champions Tour's 2009 Outback Pro-am.
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Friday, January 13, 2012

A few questions for you, golf fans.

Do 5-footers turn your legs to Jell-O? Are you Lord Byron on the range but Sir Charles on the course? Do you choke so much that your grillroom uses you for their Heimlich Maneuver diagrams?

It's OK. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. And we're here to help.

Golf Magazine is planning an article featuring everyday golfers in desperate need of a mental makeover. If you have trouble bringing your range game to the course, email your answers to the following and we might select you to receive free -- and potentially game-changing -- coaching from a top PGA Tour mental guru. So drop us a line, you hardy head cases. Mental help is on the way.

Your name:
Contact info:
How long you've been a golfer:
Your typical score:
What ties you in mental knots (first-tee jitters, putting, water holes, etc.):
In your own words, tell us why you need a mental-game makeover:

Email your reply to, with the subject "Mental Game."

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