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After years of battling his own combustible temper, Robert Allenby is taking a new, carefree approach to the game, and life

You gave the bonus to charity, right?
I did, yeah.

Four months before the accident you divorced your first wife. You've said you regretted that marriage.
It was just a bad choice. I learned from it and moved on and then I remarried in '99. I married Sandy. She's awesome. She's a little bit older than me and I think that's what I needed — someone who was more mature. We've always been the best of friends, and we now have two beautiful kids.

You were the second player drug tested this year on Tour. I hear you struggled to provide a sample.
[Laughs.] It was at Congressional. One of the [officials] says, "Come with me around the corner. Wash your hands but don't use soap." No worries. So there's a normal sit-down toilet but there's a mirror behind, probably 10 feet by 8 feet. And he says, "I'd like you to drop your strides and pull your shirt up." He's like two steps behind my right shoulder and he's looking at me in the mirror and he says "OK, you're fine to go." So I'm trying to pee and I'm like, "Mate, I've got stage fright." So he moves out of the way and I start peeing into this cup. I barely get it to the line and I'm like, "Phew, thank god for that!"

Well, I never got a phone call, so I guess I'm good.

Have you seen drug use on the Tour?
I know a couple of people on Tour who smoke a lot of marijuana, but I bet they don't smoke it anymore. I don't see how that could help — you'd be spaced out. I've only [smoked] it once. I was 17. It wasn't the greatest feeling. I played with a couple of guys back in the '90s and I'd go in the Porta-John next to them and I could smell something. I'd go, "Did that taste good?" And they said, "Aw, yeah, man, this is good sh-t."

This was during a tournament?
Yeah, but those days are done. Those guys aren't even on Tour anymore.

Now that you're finding your game again, do you feel that you need to win a major to validate your career?
There are a lot better players than me who haven't won one, though I feel like I'm getting closer. I'm not dwelling on it. Look at Mark O'Meara — he didn't win his first major until he was 41. There's hope for me yet, mate.

If Allenby sounds like your kind of bloke, he's all yours — for $40,000. Allenby has launched a new business called "C'mon, Aussie" through which he leases himself for two-day outings for eight people. (Four-person outings are $30,000.) Retreats include a golf clinic with Allenby, a round at his club, The Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla., a day of deep-sea fishing on his 61-foot boat and dinner at his place.

For more information, call Ken Kennerly at 561-799-4603.

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