Adam Scott: Looking Good

Adam Scott
Steve Read
Eye on the ball: Scott is focused but says he still knows how to let loose.

Do you give much thought to your legacy? Do you ever think about the idea that someday a bunch of Aussies will be knocking back Victoria Bitters saying, 'That Peter Thomson was something, and Norman — eh, he should have won more — but that Adam Scott, he showed 'em all'? Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I'd like to be the greatest Australian golfer. I think it's something that's kind of achievable. But what do you base that on? Majors or all tournaments won? Greg Norman won 90 golf tournaments, so I'm kind of a long way off [laughs]. Norman won two majors , Peter Thomson won five majors, but, you know, just being put in the same breath as those guys, that's pretty good as well.

You told one of our reporters last year that when you're not on Tour you like to play golf with your mates in Australia and drink a few beers and have some laughs. That's not the kind of thing you hear Tiger saying. World Rankings aside, do you think you possess the level of intensity necessary to run at the top of the game? Absolutely. My way of relaxing is just not the same as Tiger's. I think I showed that to myself last year. Even though I didn't win as much as I probably could have last year, I did push myself pretty hard until I did win. To keep pushing myself eight or nine months out of the year is good for me to see what I'm capable of mentally, and to keep up that intensity all year. Obviously Tiger had the best year last year. Jim Furyk had a really good year, too, consistency-wise. But I think I was right up there with Jim; I had a lot of top 3s and top 10s, and a win, so I was happy with last year. I think I showed myself that I had that intensity that's needed to challenge the top guys.

But what about that psychotic devotion to winning, where winning is more than winning, and becomes life? Winning definitely becomes addictive; that's why it's important to win at least once every year. Otherwise you get in this rut of, "OK, I didn't win again, but I did pretty good," and you go and pick up a check and you're happy enough with that. And that's a bad way to get, if you want to win majors, and you want to become one of the best golfers. You need to win golf tournaments — that's what the best players do.

Do you still have a steady girlfriend [Marie Kojzar]? Any wedding plans? Yes. And no. Are you sure? Yes. Australians have a reputation for really enjoying the kill in sports — in rugby, for example — and have a natural pride when it comes time for a fight. Or at least that's how most Americans see them. Would you say that's accurate? Yeah, I would. I think we're a big sporting country; sports are promoted big in Australia. Whether that's on a golf course in a non-physical sense or what, I don't think any of us [Australians] would back down from a head-to-head battle.

Have you ever been in a fistfight in your life, or a pub dustup? If so, how'd that turn out for you? Um, I've managed to stay out of them mostly. Back in high school, though, yeah we had some good fights. And I got jumped at home once, but I won that fight by 150 meters! [Laughs] I was out of there pretty quick!

You have a reputation for being very nice. Are you tough enough to get to the top? I'm nice on the outside, but on the inside ... I'm not saying that I'm two-faced, but I certainly have a fire burning inside of me for golf.

How about outside of golf? Well, I don't think you need to be an a--hole to be successful.

You're close with Geoff Ogilvy. It has to sting a little that Ogilvy won a major first. Not at all.

Come on, really? Of course, you're happy for your friend. But it's a natural human reaction to have a sense of 'Damnit, I wish it were me.'

A sense of jealousy, considering you're both fairly young and both Australians, and buddies. No, because I'm still pretty confident that I'm going to win a major, or two, or three, in my career.

OK, but wouldn't you have preferred it if it was you instead of him? You first, then maybe Ogilvy second? Not really. I think it was important for an Australian to win a major. We were getting a lot of pressure from back home, like, "Who's gonna do it [win a major]?" And I'm happy it was Geoff. Well-deserved. My time will come. That's for sure.

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