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Stewart Cink Returns to Play at Dean and DeLuca Invitational

Stewart Cink Announces Return at Dean & Deluca Invitational
Stewart Cink announced Thursday he would play at Colonial, returning from a hiatus to support his wife who is battling breast cancer. 

Earlier this month, Stewart Cink announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from competitive golf to help his wife Lisa in her battle against breast cancer. But today Cink tweeted that Lisa was doing better and he had made a “last minute decision” to compete in the Dean and DeLuca Invitational.

Cink’s earlier message about his wife’s illness contained no concrete timeline for return, only that he was committed to staying by her side “until circumstances improve for her.” “Hopefully that day will come quickly,” he wrote. It looks like it came faster than he could have anticipated. He tees off at 2:06pm in Fort Worth.

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