2007 Golf Season's Year-End Quiz

Paul Azinger
Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Paul Azinger


Match the quote with the person who said it.

1. "Dave Marr once said, 'There's not a swing thought in the whole continent of South America.' "

2. "It'd be nice if Elin had quadruplets nicely spaced out throughout the year, perhaps the first in April, the second in mid-June, the third in July and the fourth in the second week of August. The rest of us might have a chance then."

3. "You'll be like that someday, too. All you'll remember are the 15 or 16 Masters that Tiger Woods won."

4. "They always say nobody likes to make a bogey less than Tiger. Well, we all like making bogeys then, I guess."

5. "To suggest that getting married or having a baby would slow him down is asinine. Tiger will break all the records. There's no stopping him."

The speakers:
a. Woody Austin
b. Paul Azinger
c. Colin Montgomerie
d. Curtis Strange
e. Dan Jenkins

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