Thursday, January 26, 2012
He listens to rap with his 19-year-old son, sings in the car and, as the voice of the wildly popular arcade game Golden Tee, shouts, "He's on the dance floor!" in half the bars in America. His management company runs three Champions and PGA Tour events, and he is the better-known half of one of the more respected course-design firms in golf. He hosts the variety show "Plugged In" on The Golf Channel. At 49, he sometimes needs his back professionally tenderized, but he still tackles life the way he famously flattened a streaker at the 1985 British Open: head-on.

Peter Jacobsen will be eligible for the Champions Tour in March, but he may be overqualified. He won the Greater Hartford Open last summer -- his seventh career victory and biggest paycheck ever. His three kids with wife Jan (he calls her "pretty hot for a 48-year-old," and he's right) are in college, which gives him maybe a minute a week to reflect on his career. He sat down, feet-up, during November's Chrysler Championship and spoke candidly on topics ranging from Augusta National's Gary McCord problem to golf's gender-blenders.

Who's the funniest person in golf?

What's been your favorite celebrity moment?

You started the band Jake Trout and the Flounders with Mark Lye and the late Payne Stewart. Got a favorite Stewart story?

You appeared in Tin Cup with Gary McCord. Has he suffered enough for his infamous bikini-wax line? Should he be let back on Masters telecasts?

There have been many women in men's events -- most recently Se Ri Pak, who finished 10th in Korea. Have these cameos gotten out of hand?

Would you play in an LPGA event?

What's the best shot you ever hit?

Greatest shot you ever saw?

Give us your take on golf's big stars.

As an architect, do you split design duties with your partner, Jim Hardy?

Who are golf's best talking heads?

I like Johnny Miller because he calls it the way it is. People get offended, but Johnny's pretty spot-on. At the Bob Hope in 1990, on the last hole, I had to hit a 3-iron into the green; then I could two-putt for birdie and the win [which Jacobsen did]. It was Johnny's first event as an announcer, and before I hit he said, "Boy, this is the toughest shot -- you can really choke on this." People thought he was saying I was going to choke. But I saw the replay and it didn't offend me. I also love David Feherty's humor, which we need more of.

Your younger brother, Paul, who was gay, died of an AIDS-related illness in 1988. What would happen if a player came out on the PGA Tour?

It's hard to go from there back to Tour issues, but on we go. One of your peers, John Maginnes, says your work ethic rivals Vijay's. That might be golf's best-kept secret. Is that how you won at 49 -- pretending to joke around, but actually outworking the kids?

What's been the unfunniest moment in your career?

You'd be in a hall of fame for having fun. Which other golfers would be?
trying Cats The School of Rock

You make sure to shake the hand of every rookie on Tour. Why?

Who are the best young golfers?

What do younger pros say to distinguished veterans like you?

Are you getting rich off Golden Tee?

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