Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rory_poll3   Comments: "No problem at all. He is very confident with Nike and their direction." --Eden Foster, Maidstone Golf Club, East Hampton, N.Y.

"In the worst case, while they strive to make the equipment he wants, they will merely stamp over his present selections!"

--Joe Hallett, PGA Center for Learning and Performance, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

"Rory could win with a broom and dustpan, if he had to." --Dan Pasquariello, The Clubs at St. James Plantation, Southport, N.C.

"There will be an adjustment period. If he has any struggles this year the equipment change will likely be questioned." --Fred Griffin, Grand Cypress Academy of Golf, Orlando, Fla.

"Athletes with great talent can adapt to all conditions. Because they take personal responsibility for their success and don't blame others or anything for their lack of success." --Peter Krause, Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy, Hilton Head, S.C.

"Given today's available technology in assessing the golf swing and physical attributes behind the swing, Nike has the capability to fit Rory into equipment that matches him perfectly. Therefore, assuming that Nike has done their 'homework' with Rory in helping him select the Nike equipment and the Nike golf ball -- that fits his game and that he likes -- there should be absolutely no problems with his changing over to new equipment." --Ed Ibarguen, Duke University Golf Club, Durham, N.C.

"Money makes the world go around and around but not golf swings." --Tom Patri, Friar's Head Golf Club, Riverhead, N.Y.

"Not in today's world. You can copy anything." --Mike Perpich, RiverPines Golf, Alpharetta, Ga.

"Any change has a window of adjustment required to become unconsciously conditioned."

--Brad Brewer, Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Fla.

"I believe he will have some adjustment problems. Golf is a feel game at that level. It will take him six to eight months to get back where he feels comfortable again. I think the ball will be the biggest adjustment." --Jim Suttie, Ph.D., Cog Hill G.C., Lemont, Ill.

"His past playing record seems to show he runs hot and cold anyway, that's who he is, a little like Phil Mickelson. I doubt he will be any more up and down then in the past." --Michael Hebron, Smithtown Landing G.C., Smithtown, N.Y.

"I always like to find the positive in everything, but in this case, I do think Rory will have trouble adjusting if they really have them playing with new equipment. At his refined level, even small changes can seem huge and can take adjustment time. I think Nike is genius to sign him. He is great for the game and seems a true role model."

--Kellie Stenzel, Palm Beach Country Club, Palm Beach, Fla.

"History tells us that most have a tough time adjusting to new clubs and golf balls. so my answer is yes." --Charlie King, Reynolds Golf Plantation, Greensboro, Ga.

"Clubs? No! Ball? Yes! His whole life he was used to his ball reacting in a certain way, that will change." --Steve Boshdosh, Members Club at Four Streams, Beallsville, Md.

"I don’t think Rory will have as much a hard time as Tiger will not being 'Top Dog' at Nike." --Rick McCord, McCord Golf Academy at Orange Lake C.C., Orlando, Fla.

"Rory will have no problem adjusting to the clubs. Nike is way ahead of the curve with innovative design and technology, and custom-fitting. Maybe a little adjustment to the ball, because it's different than the ProV 1. As many may say, the expert archer can shoot any arrow and hit the target." --Carol Preisinger, The Kiawah Island Club, Kiawah Island, S.C.

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