Tuesday, June 05, 2012

88x88_0002_Brady-RiggsGolf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at noon Eastern to answer your swing questions and analyze your swing videos. If you have question or video link for Brady, leave it in the comments section below! Welcome to the Tuesday Blog Ask Brady Live! Thanks to everyone for your questions, comments and videos. I look forward to seeing you next week!!! Luke asks at 1:20: Tiger was dialed in most of the week with his driver and his iron carry distances. What changes did you notice and what can an amateur incorporate from what TW is working on to be a little more accurate? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJJK_E8-hf4 Thanks for sending in the link. This has been quite the year for those following Tiger. His game seemed to be there after Bay Hill, gone forever at Augusta and now resurrected again after The Memorial. It’s amazing how smart, stupid and smart Foley and Tiger have been this year. I didn’t see any significant changes to the swing from Bay Hill or Augusta to be honest. The stance is still narrower, weight a bit more centered, arms and club in more during the takeaway, face more closed, etc. Tiger is a grinder and will continue to work at the changes. The thing amateurs should learn from Tiger’s process is how much work it takes to make a change stick in your golf swing. Many amateurs will give up on a change after a couple of balls on the range not giving it the slightest chance to work. If people are truly serious about improving their golf swing they need to have a plan and give the changes time to sink in. Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2012/06/ask-brady-riggs.html#ixzz1x2JjgCJU   Shannon asks at 12:45: Hi Brady! Thanks for answering my question last week about "flipping" at impact. Per your request, here are two videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoafX7YiFxM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjxWlvp3E-0&feature=youtube_gdata_player I think I'm not shifting and rotating enough weight to my left side. I'm hanging back on my right a little bit. My belt buckle is not rotating to the target enough. The amazing part is that I still get good distance out of my irons, but my ball flight is extremely high. I hit 8 iron about 165-170 yards. Would the Gary Player walk through drill help me? Thank you! Thanks for sending in the videos Shannon. I agree with your assessment about the lack of rotation in your lower body through impact. The fact is your lower body’s action is a problem during the backswing and downswing. There is too much lateral movement in the lower body during the backswing which makes it necessary to exaggerate the push of the hips back towards the target approaching impact. When the hips are out of position during the backswing they can’t work correctly as the transition begins. Instead of rotating they have to make up lost ground and slide back across to get the weight forward enough to hit the ball first. Check out the answer and pictures I gave at the beginning of the blog and you will see Davis Love III demonstrating the proper pivot going back. When you achieve this turn only a slight shift is necessary to begin the downswing which can be immediately followed with rotation. This is something you need to add to your swing if you are going to improve your ballstriking. The Gary Player walk through wouldn’t be something I would recommend at this point as you have other issues that need to be addressed. Look at the pictures I posted earlier and these other examples to help you. Vertical2 Normanvdonald Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2012/06/ask-brady-riggs.html#ixzz1x29Osor2   Mike asks at 12:20: Brady..... What is the feeling you should have on the downswing to ensure the left wrist is maintaining it's flatness at impact. Does the swing down like you have a hammer in your hand work for people? I have never used that analogy but it could work. This is as much a philosophical problem as anything else. As long as people think the ball should be hit with the face square traveling down the target line while the clubhead gets under the ball they will struggle with the left wrist. When people begin to understand that the clubhead needs to be traveling from inside the target line with the hands leading the shaft, clubface slightly open on a descending angle they will get the flat left wrist. It doesn’t take long to show them the difference between the poor impact alignments and the proper ones. Once they are able to move between a standard address position and pose an impact “fix”, they are on their way to becoming a better ball striker. The best way to work on proper impact is to hit slow, short shots posing impact before taking the club back and holding the impact alignments in a short follow through. It takes a great many reps to achieve the proper alignments but the good news is a little improvement goes a long way. Eyes Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2012/06/ask-brady-riggs.html#ixzz1x239iID3   Chris asks at 12:00: Hi Brady, thank you for answering an earlier question of mine, I've finally been able to capture some video of my swing:
Two (almost) DTL Swings: http://youtu.be/WH3OW9x1ww8 Face-On: http://youtu.be/iXndP0kPy2E My ball flight on well hit shots is a slight right-to-left. I have the full range of misses in my bag. The most common is hitting it thin. Not total screamers, but enough to land me 10 yards over the green with the short irons and 20 yards in front from with the long. With my short irons (say, 8 and below) my miss tends to be a pull. With the longer irons I occasionally hit a weak, high push-fade that really hurts my score.
I've been working on rebuilding my swing for about a year now, the scores are starting to drop as I'm hitting it much more consistent than I was before, but I still have a long way to go! I'm not totally sure what to look for in my swing videos so I don't know what to work on. Thanks for sending in the videos. We always prefer to have the camera a little closer and directly down the line from the target view to get a clearer picture but it’s better than no video at all. Your pivot is a good place to continue the progress you have already made with your swing. In your current swing your hips move laterally away from the target during the takeaway. This makes it difficult to turn the upper body properly during the backswing and even more difficult to get the weight far enough into the front foot at impact. This is evident looking at your swing as the back foot is stuck on the ground in the follow through. This is the source of many of your poor shots, specifically the pull with the short irons. Your right hip should rotate immediately behind you during the takeaway instead of laterally away from the target. This will keep your hips and specifically your weight inside your feet during the backswing making it significantly easier to move into the front foot at impact. Here are a couple of pictures to give you a better visual. Dl3pivot Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2012/06/ask-brady-riggs.html#ixzz1x1w0VXJl  

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