Tuesday, May 22, 2012

88x88_0002_Brady-RiggsGolf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at 1 p.m. EST to answer your swing questions and analyze your swing videos. If you have question or video link for Brady, leave it in the comments section below! Weldome to the Tuesday Blog Ask Brady Live! Let's get rolling... Christian asks at 1:00: Swing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9jtDft891c&feature=youtu.be Grip http://imgur.com/5eyOj Brady, Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my swing. You're a busy dude and it's appreciated. When I was getting the video ready to send in, I noticed that in my "dark shirt" swing, the takeaway was a bit inside, so "white shirt" swing was my attempt to correct that. I think it improved, but then I noticed how much I seem to hang-on right after impact, which I believe is due to casting and/or coming over the top. But this is where my golf knowledge ends, because the swing in the video is more or less the swing I've always had, and it has never had a strong downswing to the inside. My misses are pushes, pulls, pull-hooks and a low bullet that has decent distance but isn't exactly what I'm aiming for, swing-wise. I work on my short game a good bit more than my full swing, and don't use a full swing inside 100 yards, but it would be so nice if I could move closer to working out the full-swing kinks. Thanks a million, Hey, that range looks awfully familiar!! The first thing I would like to see you work on is your posture at address. If you look at where your tush starts relative to a tree off in the distance and then see how far it has moved towards the ball by impact it has traveled a significant distance. When you start with the weight in your heel and your body too upright there will be an adjustment to the posture during the swing in the opposite direction. The out and over move to start the downswing was present in both the swings from Woodley and the other range despite the takeaway differences. There will be some improvement in the downswing move with the changes in the address position but it should be worked on separately. Changing the downswing shape is one of the easiest things to fix when I have you on the range in front of me because it is more of a perception change than anything else. The reason my mortgage is met every month is because people are still trying to hit the ball straight by having the club travel down the target line during impact with the face square. The fact is the club should be several degrees inside the target line as it approaches impact with the face open to the target line and closed to the path if you are going to fix your ball flight issues. While this seems complicated if read during a blog, it is quite easy to illustrate on the range. I would also like to see the gap between your right thumb and index finger closed together in the picture you sent in of your grip. This will give the club more support from the right hand at the top of the swing and prevent the face from becoming closed approaching impact. Here are a couple of pictures to show you the grip difference and posture. Gripyuck Grip Villegassetup Brad asks at 1:30: Hello. I am a 15 handicap. Lately I have been getting the shanks with my irons. My driver has been straight but my irons have been very inconsistent. I have been hitting off the hosel and I am sure of it because I put some impact tape on my clubs. Can anyone tell what is causing this based off of my swings below? Anyone have any tips on what i need to do to get rid of it? Any other swing tips would be greatly appreciated as well.
FO Iron http://www.youtube.c...h?v=MUTgUZ6vTFE DTL Iron http://www.youtube.c...h?v=FSl-iulkIfw I think my swing needs a ton of help and wanted to see what you all think and notice i can change. Thanks! Any advice is welcomed Brad, unfortunately the links to the swing aren’t working. Try to resend them ASAP and I will get you on the right track.  

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