Monday, April 02, 2012

Top100poll_mastersComments: "None of our business!" --Brad Brewer, Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Club, Orlando, Fla. "This one's toooo HOT to touch..." --Lou Guzzi, Talamore Country Club, Ambler, Pa. "Augusta National’s greatest strengths are also its greatest weakness. They do things their way." -–Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land, Texas "Since Augusta National is a private club, they can do anything they want. The media and women’s rights groups should find more important things to discuss. Having said that, I think this would be a great chance to get rid of a controversy and take in its first female member." --Mike Davis, Walters Golf Academy, Las Vegas, Nev. "They can do with it as they wish. Should an all-female club be forced into accepting a male?" -–Steve Bosdosh, The Members Club at Four Streams "Becoming CEO of IBM transcends gender, therefore she should be invited." --Bryan Gathright, Riverhill Country Club, Kerrville, Texas "No. The invitation should only come if its based on the same criteria for everyone." --Brian Mogg, Waldorf Astoria Golf Academy, Orlando, Fla. "Yes. But what they should do and what they will do are two different questions." --Jim Suttie, The Club at TwinEagles, Naples, Fla. "No, not unless they want her. It is a private club. End of story." --Eric Johnson, Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pa.
"Augusta should invite whomever they deem worthy: women, men, black, white, etc."
Tom F. Stickney II, Bighorn Golf Club, Palm Desert, Calif. "It's the greatest golf club in the world, and it finally seems ready to move into the present. There are a number of avid female golfers that should be invited to join Augusta National." --Ed Ibarguen, Duke University Golf Course "Yes. It is my understanding that the gentlemen of Augusta National have always asked the CEO of IBM to join. Why would they not? Maybe she would invite me as a guest to play with her." Carol Presinger, Kiawah Island Club, Kiawah, S.C. "Yes, but it won’t happen." --Brady Riggs, Woodley Lakes Golf Club< Van Nuys, Calif. "Have The Boys from Augusta finally met their match, Tradition? How ironic -- the thing that kept women out might end up being the only thing that gets them in." --T.J. Tomasi, Keiser University School of Golf, Port St. Lucie, Fla. "Most definitely!" --Dana Rader, Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge, Charlotte, N.C.

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