Tuesday, February 07, 2012

For Golf Magazine's new ClubTest Driver Issue, we asked Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers what they thought about driver loft, the most important club in an amateur's bag, and what club they'd use in a one-club tournament. Here are the results: Top100_1 Comments: "The less clubhead speed you have the more loft that is needed." --Glenn Deck, Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, Calif. "Loft is your friend. It helps you hit it straighter." --Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land, Texas
  Top100_2 Comments: "They use the putter 33-40 times, the driver only 12-14. What do you think?" --Steve Bosdosh, Four Streams Golf Academy in Beallsville, Md.
  Top100_3 Comments: "Loft helps you get the ball higher and softer, so if you have the correct bounce the lob wedges is the best out of sand." --Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land, Texas
  Top100_4 Comments: "The right putter will save them two shots, the right driver one shot, and correct irons and wedges another shot or two." --Glenn Deck, Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, Calif.
  Top100_5 Comments: "With the advancement of technology, most amateurs should replace their long irons with hybrids because they are easier to hit both in the rough and in the fairway." --Glenn Deck, Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, Calif.  "Hybrids are so much easier to hit than long irons so use them as much as you can." --Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land, Texas    "After the 6-iron, the rest are useless for the average golfer. Use the hybrids!" --Steve Bosdosh, Four Streams Golf Academy in Beallsville, Md.
  Top100_6 Comments: "I played 9 holes with a 5-iron and shot 39. 6 or 7 would work too." --Mike LaBauve, Kierland Golf Club, Scottsdale, Ariz. "6-iron, I can hook it for distance as well as it high with a fade. I can hit chips around greens and am good with sand shots, it is very versatile and I've used it in one-club events." --Brian Mogg, Brian Mogg Performance Center, Orlando, Fla. "A 6-iron, because I know how to make it go high or low, curve left or right." --John Elliott, St. Andrews Golf & Country Club, West Chicago, Ill. "8-iron. I can hood/close it and hit it 200 yards and open it and lay it back and hit it 80. Then I putt by hitting on the leading edge." --T.J. Tomasi, PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, Port St. Lucie, Fla. "5-hybrid: You can deloft it for a driver. You can putt with it, chip, hit out of a bunker and bump-an- run pitch shots, so you have the entire bag in one club." --Nancy Quarcelino, Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, Spring Hill, Tenn.
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