Tuesday, January 31, 2012

88x88_0002_Brady-RiggsGolf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs stopped by on Tuesday at noon EST to answer your swing questions and analyze your swing videos. If you have a question or video link for Brady, be sure to check back next week for an all-new edition! Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Ask Brady Live! Thanks to all for your questions and especially the videos. Sorry I couldn't get to everyone, please send your unanswered questions in again next week so I can help you improve. Have a great week. Mark asks at 1:20: Hello Brady again - Just following up from last week as I couldn't get my comments in on time.
Here are the relevant video links:
Chair and headcover drill: Face-on Driver: Free Swing DTL Driver: I'm thinking I'm close to maintaining the tush line (the chair drill reinforces the move best with me), however I'm looking for confirmation from you and would appreciate any other comments on anything else you notice. I think the tush line issue is improving. To get it completely resolved the right hip needs to get farther from the ball at impact by rotating more sharply. Their isn’t a great deal of lateral slide in the lower body during the downswing but there could still be more rotation.  The improvement in the rotation of your hips will help your tush maintain the line and your upper body will move through the ball much easier. When the upper body and head hang back behind the ball the left arm will extend too early during impact.  Fixing the issue with hips will help your be behind its original position, just not as far behind, and your left arm will maintain some bend during impact. I have included a couple of pictures to help you get the idea. Sorry they are righthanded but you get the idea. Akfoxfoot Cam asks at 12:45: I just wanted to see if you had any thoughts on my motion, or ideas about what I should be working on.
What I think I'm doing wrong: I'm coming too far inside and consequently crossing the line at the top of my swing. I think that my legs are collapsing and my right foot is coming off the ground sooner than it should. In addition, I feel like I'm holding it off and not fully releasing at impact.  I included several angles with both irons and driver.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPmxfwWRb8k The takeaway is a bit inside, club across at the top. The posture is a bit too upright at address forcing you to drop down with your upper body towards the ball during the takeaway. I agree that your lower body is running out in front of you during the downswing making the swing out of sync and inconsistent. I would love to see the posture improve at address and the backswing get on track but the lack of correct sequencing during impact is the big issue. I have included a picture of your delivery position compared to where I would like to see you. Hit short, slow shots working on getting your arms down in front of you during delivery to get the swing synced up properly. Don’t pick up the pace of the swing until you have gotten a very good feel on the shorter slower shots. Check out the pictures and send in some new video when you get a chance. Photo(1) Hillarycollide Kermit Murphy asks at 12:20: Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to help ordinary golfers like myself. I always look forward to reading your comments on Tuesdays. I have included a video below and would love to know your thoughts on how to improve. In the first two swings the ball goes hard left which is normally my miss. I also have a few lingering questions. How should I improve my pivot? Am I on the right track with my takeaway rehearsals? Why does the ball go left? Why does my follow thru look so weird? Sorry to overload you with questions. Thanks again. Kermit
Thanks for the kind words Kermit. Looking at the videos it is obvious you are no ordinary golfer but one that can swing the club quite well. The lefts that you are complaining about are caused by the body hanging too far back behind the ball at impact making the hands overwork. I like the takeaway rehearsal as it appears you are trying to keep the hands inside the clubhead longer to prevent the club from working too far inside too quickly. The follow through and finish look weird because your upper body and head have to “chase” down the target line awkwardly to catch up to the arms and club that have gone through without you. This is what I would like to see you try. While I think your takeaway rehearsal is helpful I would like to see your hips be less active in the beginning of your backswing. The hips are overactive dragging the club too far inside during the takeaway. The real issue with the hips is the effect it has on your upper body, specifically your head. With the hips quieter in the beginning your club will work more up instead of in and your head will move away from the target, just not as much as before. This will put your lower body in a better position at the top of the swing and make it much easier for you to rotate from head to hips properly through impact. When the upper body isn’t hanging back as much during and after contact your hands will be less involved preventing the left miss you are currently struggling with. At impact, your head can be slightly behind its original location at address with the driver. It was well behind in the video you sent in making the chase of your upper body after impact inevitable. Send in the new videos when you make some changes. Here are a couple of pictures to get you on track. Frasier Kneehip   Easak asks at 12:00: I was hoping to get your thoughts on how I can improve my swing. My most common misses are pushes, hooks, and thin shots. I noticed when I pause my swing right before impact that I have completely cast the club so I was wondering if you could address that as well as any other faults you see. Thanks so much for your help.
Here's a link to my swing: Thank you for sending in your video. The single most important aspect of the golf swing is the set-up. This is true regardless of the level of player and very relevant for your swing. The pushes, hooks and thin shots will continue to be an issue unless you move in closer to the ball at address and improve your posture. You are currently standing too far from the ball with the weight too far in your heels. As a result the arms are hanging too far away from your body when you begin making it probable that the swing will be too flat, which it is. On the downswing you will move your body back into a position of more leverage, forcing the tush well off the line it began against. Your head moves several inches back away from the target line as your upper body becomes vertical at impact. The combination of the poor address position and posture start the dominoes falling. Here is a picture of a better address position for you to try to emulate. Villegassetup

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