Monday, December 05, 2011

Two of the Tour’s biggest stars won on Sunday. Tiger Woods finished birdie-birdie to take the Chevron World Challenge in Southern California, and Rory McIlroy came from three strokes back at the European Tour's Hong Kong Open. We asked the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers which player would have the better year in 2012: Tiger_rory Comments: "My guess is Rory, but I am confused at where he has been since the Open. I have heard more about his girlfriend than his golf. Tennis anyone!" --Eric Johnson, Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pa. "McIlroy has learned how to deal with pressure." --Glen Deck, Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, Calif. "I think the worldwide schedule will catch up to Rory." --Peter Krause, Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy, Hilton Head, S.C. "Tiger. Just look in his eyes. He has really missed the limelight as a winner." --Charlie King, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro, Ga. "Woods still has to prove himself in a major. I believe he still has majors in his bag, but not yet." --David Wright, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, Mission Viejo, Calif. "If defining a better season is money earned, Tiger will earn more money, just because he will be in the hunt more often. If you say it's on more wins, without a doubt Rory will have more wins worldwide." --Shawn Humphries, Cowboys Golf Club, Grapevine, Texas MORE FROM THE TOP 100 TEACHERS... How many majors will Tiger win in 2012? Zero -- 36 percent One -- 55 percent Two -- 9 percent Comments: "Tiger is not out of the woods yet. He beat 17 guys that were out for a nice payday. Let's see him win a full field event, and then we will start talking majors." --Eric Johnson, Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pa. "Tiger will win one major. I believe he will be ready for Augusta." --Jason Carbone, Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield, N.J. "None. He used to miss it to the right, now he misses it to the left!" --Craig Shankland, LPGA International, Daytona Beach, Fla. "One, if he starts rolling the rock like he used too." --Glenn Deck, Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, Calif. "A win over 18 players does not mean Tiger is back!" --Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land, Texas "Just because he won a hit-and-giggle event with a couple of foursomes doesn't mean he's back to form." --Steve Bosdosh, The Members Club at Four Streams, Beallsville, Md. "I don't think Tiger will win a Major this year. These guys are not scared of Tiger." --Shawn Humphries, Cowboys Golf Club, Grapevine, Texas "Tiger will win one. The Masters." --Nancy Quarcelino, Kings Creek Golf Club, Spring Hill, Tenn.   "If he wins a major, I'm thinking it will be the PGA. He’s still not hitting it quite well enough for the other majors." --Chuck Evans, Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Golf Canyon, Colo.

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