Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs stopped by on Tuesday at noon EST to answer your swing questions and analyze your swing videos. If you missed Brady, be sure to check back next week for an all-new edition. Thanks for your participation in the blog. Sorry I didn't get to eveyone. Please ask your questions again next Tuesday. Have a great week. Casey asks at 1:00: I wanted to give you an update video of the swing. I strengthened my grip a little and am still working on my backswing and covering the ball on the down swing. I also want to let my head rotate earlier as you said I just have too much stuff in my head to focus on that now. Could you please talk about covering the ball? I think AK does it really well and I think that helps his release of the club to be more square for longer instead of flippy, do you agree?
Thanks as always for the help. Sorry I am still wearing my ugly belt. I haven't been able to shop yet :)
DTL-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5fFnquu_Nk Face on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYopEiTThzU&feature=related I agree, the belt is still ugly. The backswing is looking pretty solid. I think allowing your head to work out sooner is part of covering the ball. Your chest needs to get “over” your left foot more at impact. This happens with a combination of rotation and lateral motion on the downswing. When you look at your left foot at impact it is rolled outside excessively. When you cover the ball properly the foot remains flat. You have to work your way into the proper position at impact by hitting a combination of short shots and extremely slow motion swings to learn where you are going. Hit some short shots that travel 20-40 yards with your 8 or 7 iron and focus on a very flat left foot at impact. To do this you will need to get your upper body more over the top of the foot and sync up the movement of your hands, arms, and weight. Once you have the short ones down you move on to longer swings at very slow speed trying to feel the same keys you were focusing on with the short shots. Here is a picture of where you need to be. Covering Ryan Stewart asks 12:40: Could you please take a look and help me get a better backswing position? Also, does my lower body movement on the downswing need to be tightened up?
Love the blog.
Ryan The left arm is a little over rotated as you approach the top of the backswing. This gets the club too laid off at the top. Try to keep your hands more under the club at the top of the swing as it will make attacking on the proper path much easier on the downswing. The face on view needs a little work as well. Your head never move away from the target going back (some love this, I don’t) and inevitably is past its’ original position at impact. While this isn’t the end of the world with the shortest clubs, it stinks for the longer stuff. Your lower body is also too far beyond where it should be at impact. The slide of the lower body on the downswing to the target is often caused by the head being out of position. Allow your head to move off the ball more going back and the club will be easier to line up at the top because your turn will improve dramatically. From the better position at the top the lower body will have an easier time rotating approaching impact, getting your hands more out in front of the clubhead, a must for great ball-striking. Patrick asks at 12:20: I tried to submit some videos a few weeks back but looks like I had some technical difficulties, so hopefully we can try again. This year I really struggled with a case of the blocks, especially off the tee costing me a couple of strokes per round. I tend to think my right elbow gets a hair stuck behind me on my downswing, not allowing me a full release of the club. I also have a tendency to get the club a bit shut at the top, although i find that the weaker I grip the club the more flippy I get with my hands. I have taken a few lessons, but most instructors tell me it looks pretty good and I just need to complete my turn and try to hit it more from the inside, which makes no sense to me considering I miss right.
Down the line: Face on: Hope this works. They worked this time. You can definitely make the swing better. I wouldn’t weaken the grip either as it looks pretty weak already. The closed clubface is the result of turning your left hand under during the takeaway. When the back of your left hand turns towards the ground the face will get closed. This also takes the club too far to the inside during the takeaway which gets the club across the line at the top of the swing. This will get the club stuck too far inside during the downswing leading to the blocks you describe. You need to get the clubface under control by fixing the takeaway. This will get the club more up and laid off at the top of the backswing, a huge key to fixing your stuck position on the downswing. Once the clubface is square and the path is cleaned up you can start to rotate through impact more efficiently. Your body remains down and inactive way to long during and after impact. Check out the picture for a visual of where you should be headed. Zzz Patrick asks at 12:00: Brady! I have a vicious slice that sometimes makes me hit most of my irons the same distance. I have been told to try and get more inside on the golf ball but now I am duffing balls bad. Can I be going too far inside now? Any fix? While there are various strategies for fixing slices, attacking the path first is my least favorite. If the ball is going right because you are slicing it your instincts will tell you to aim more left and swing more left. This is logical and actually can help improve the result somewhat, although the ball will still curve and you will never fix it. It is illogical to swing more from the inside if the ball is going to the right as that would make the ball start in the direction it is already going. The clubface has a significantly more profound influence over the ball than the path. As a result, the clubface should be fixed first for two reasons. First, if the face is more influential the open clubface is the source of the problem. Second, if the clubface becomes square to the path and the path is too much from the outside the ball will go well LEFT of the target. This will be a great motivator for swinging the club more from the inside to start the ball more right. With all that said getting the clubface square is the priority. Start with the grip by making sure it is positioned between neutral and strong on the handle. The second priority is making sure the left wrist is flat at the top of the swing. This will further strengthen the position of the clubface and get you going in the right direction. Here are a couple of pictures to help. Grip

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