Wednesday, November 02, 2011

En route to her 11th victory of the year, Yani Tseng revealed that she is not opposed to playing a PGA Tour event "if the opportunity presents itself." Both Annika and Michelle Wie took on the challenge—neither ever made a cut. But could golf's most dominant figure hang with the boys? We polled the Top 100 Teachers to find out. If she opts to play, can Yani Tseng be competitive playing in a PGA Tour event? YaniGraphT100 19% Yes81% No  "I really don’t think it matters. What does it prove if she can make a cut or not? The ladies playing in a men’s event is so overdone, she should focus on the LPGA." – Don Hurter
"I think she could possibly make the cut, but not compete on a regular basis, so my answer would be no." – Kip Puterbaugh
"Yes, she can be competitive. Will she make the cut? I would hope so. It will happen eventually if the PGA tour keeps inviting women to play." - Nancy Quarcelino 
"Given the past performances of Annika and Michelle, the answer will be no. The lack of overall distance makes it very difficult for women to compete with men at the highest level. However, on a men's short length course, there is always a possibility for Yani to score well." - Ed Ibarguen
"Why would she want to? She is currently the best player in the world. If she plays against the guys and fails she throws the women's tour back 30 years. Annika and Michele Wie justified that the LPGA was inferior to the PGA Tour with their failure. Let her dominate and let them speculate how she would do against the guys. Just making the cut isn't a victory. If she were good enough to compete then she would do for the LPGA Tour what Billie Jean King did for women's tennis. Huge gamble, I don't think it is a good bet. The LPGA is struggling to find sponsors and a failure could kill any potential deals. They have lost a ton of tournaments, and viewers to the Senior Tour. A challenge of the 5 best players on the LPGA Playing the 5 best on the Champions Tour from the same tees is the match they need to make." - Mike Adams 
"Yes, but it has to be the right course." – Mike Perpich
"No, I don't think she would be competitive. However, her personality and style of play would be a good fit and a better combination than Annika and Michelle." - Brian Mogg 
"As much as I would like to see her succeed, I think no due to the length of courses and all the pressure of competing and trying to make the cut, which I doubt she ever even considers in an LPGA event." – John Elliott, Jr.

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