Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Luke Donald strung together a stellar back nine during the final round of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic to secure not only the victory, but the PGA Tour’s money title, as well. Does his season-ending performance solidify him as Player of the Year? We polled the Top 100 Teachers in America to get their opinion on the matter. Was Luke Donald’s victory at Disney to claim the money title enough to solidify him as 2011’s Player of the Year? Top-100-Poll-10-25-11 87.9% Yes12.1% No
"He is without doubt the most consistent. Not 'occasional' in his greatness. That counts!" - Craig Shankland
"That was a performance of a true champion, and player of the year."  - Bruce Patterson 
"Absolutely! He played to win it the last day knowing what he had to do and silenced the critics!" - Nancy Quarcelino 
"Leading money winner on the PGA Tour and European Tour? That’s Player of the Year by anybody’s standards!" - Jim Murphy 
"Luke went down to the Children's to keep his money title, told the press he was going down there to win, then made 6 birdies in a row on the back nine Sunday to do it. It's like Babe Ruth calling a home Rum before he hit."  - Todd Sones 
"Yes. It was a breakout year for Luke. How Luke played the last round at the CMNHC should qualify him for POY. He knew he had to shoot a low score and did so in convincing fashion. Great finish for Luke and the PGA Tour. The Bomb and Gouge players should learn from Luke!" - Don Hurter
"Being the leading money winner on both European and US tours is an amazing feat. His win at Disney not only proves he deserves but says a lot about his competitive spirit." - Mike Bender

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