Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online today at 7 p.m. EST for a special "prime time" edition of his teaching blog, where he will answer your swing questions and analyze your swing videos. If you have a question or video for Brady, leave it in the comments below, then check back at 7 p.m. EST to see what he has to say. Thanks to everyone for your questions, comments, and videos. Sorry I couldn't get to everyone, submit again early next week so I can help you out. Please check out my friend's charity the Beauty Bus. They help chronically ill housebound patients and their caregivers by providing in-home/free beauty & grooming services. They are hosting an event in Los Angeles on April 17. Check out their website www.beautybus.org. Welcome to the "Primetime" editon of the Tuesday Instruction Blog. Thanks to everyone for your following of Danielle last week at the Nabisco. It was a tough but important week for her as she learns more about what it takes to play her best on the highest level. Bill asks at 8:28: Thanks for the advice you gave me two weeks ago concerning my pivot and resulting flipping of the wrists through impact. I’ve been working on turning my left hip away from the ball as suggested, however my right arm still straightens and the left wrist flips up. Since I started playing I’ve always had problems understanding the correct release, rotation of the forearms, supination and pronation. See 25 year old photo. I bought every wrist swing aid on the market and although it works when it’s on, the feeling doesn’t last when I take it off. I even got a video lesson from Ron Gring who picked up the same thing you did but he didn’t give me a fix. Last week you had two good questions on the wrist position which leads to the question of what exactly does the left/right wrist do after impact? You said “Don’t keep the left wrist flat and the right wrist bent past impact and into the finish”. What should they do? And finally can you suggest a few drills that might help get the proper feeling and some explanation that might help me understand a bit better. Thanks in advance. Bill http://img703.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img703/5930/billswing.jpg http://img713.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img713/4870/swingd.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDEJ4kaYWnE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8ie7_Z87dQ   Nice hair in the old pic Bill, I’m jealous! Let’s answer your questions first. The left wrist will bend back and the right wrist will flatten after impact. There is no benefit to “holding” your impact alignments into the finish position. Look at the impact pictures vs. release pictures of Vijay and Phil if you aren’t convinced. Postimpactwrists Wearing training aids isn’t the answer as you have probably already discovered. There are several things that need to happen to have a chance. In your swing, you lose your opportunity for success in the beginning of the downswing when your hands and arms move out away from your body. The clubhead must stay inside your hands as you approach impact or you will never achieve the proper impact alignments. Your weight must move in the direction of the target or your right arm will have to straighten before impact. So, you need to improve upon all of these issues to improve impact. This could be depressing and impossible if you attempt to go at full speed. All of your practice should be slow, very slow, to get feedback that will help you understand where you are going wrong. Here are a couple more pictures to help you see the differences with your swing. Dkimpact  
Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2011/04/ask-brady-riggs-live.html#ixzz1InFT9JGd   JP asks at 8:10: Hi Brady... Here are my first swings of the year. I know these swings are with an iron, but, my main problem I am having is with the driver hitting the ground 6 or so inches before it gets to the ball. With the irons, I continue to work on posture/tush line and anything else you feel is significant. Any comments on the video or the driver problem would be appreciated.
Thanks... JP
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-uOkOFOGKI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G90CMO_Cy3Y Thanks for the video JP. I would like to see you work first on your takeaway. There is too much forward press from the face on view that translates to your hands moving away from your body going back while your club stays too close to the ground. The combination of body, arms, and hands going back is dominated by hands, making it difficult to be in sync the rest of the way. Try to keep your hands close to your left leg and your clubhead moving more up as you start your swing. Do this prior to worrying about your pivot as the takeaway effects everything that happens after it. Here is a picture to help. Flip them around to your side... Clarkeup Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2011/04/ask-brady-riggs-live.html#ixzz1InAZ7GOE   Ryan asks at 7:55: Love the blog! My problem is that I have been working on getting my hips involved to create more power. It seems to me that on the down swing I'm raising out of my posture which is causing an early release in turn at impact it becomes a flip. my divots are all right of the target and the ball is hooking uncontrollably, and a cut is out of the question. I try to keep the tush on the board but cant seem to stop the early release which leads to chunks. HELP!!!! When you speak of getting the hips more involved I am assuming you are speaking of more “rotation”. If this is what you are working on it isn’t surprising that you are struggling with your contact and accuracy. The fact is that it is significantly more important to have your arms and club work in sync with your body that to have the hips flying around out of control. When you look at some of the world’s finest ball strikers you will notice that in many of their swings the legs and hips appear to be less active than in many amateur’s swings. This is an illusion. The legs and hips are active and powerful when they are working against the ground for leverage. Many amateurs make the mistake of confusing excessive lateral motion or excessive rotation with being powerful. It never is. Chances are you are not swinging with your arms and body in sync which is causing your ball striking problems. Here is a picture of where the body should be at impact vs. address that may help you visualize this idea more effectively. Quietlegs Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2011/04/ask-brady-riggs-live.html#ixzz1In5rUYAj   Tim asks at 7:25: brady, tough tourney for danielle. too bad she didnt place better. im sure the experience was great though...I've been working hard on the swing in the off season and finally got out and hit some balls and played a quick 9. I noticed im really struggling with the backswing still. i just cant seem to get the club in a better spot at the top. it seems like I need to get the club working more back behind me but not sure how to do it without ripping it inside. im a strong believer that a better backswing will set up a much better downswing. i know my pivot needs some work and i could use some lateral movement on the way back too.
7 iron dtl- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-qYa4JUZzo face on- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QvKz4Cmsv0 driver dtl- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgzESiF-IpA face on- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMvq7WLYI7Q Thanks for the kind words about Danielle. I agree, the experience was a good one. I agree that the club could be in a better position at the top of the backswing. The club could be less across the line with the iron, and certainly with the driver. I agree that there are some pivot issues but one adjustment in your address will immediately help you through impact. Your toes are pointed too far in, especially with the left foot, making it impossible not to hop and rotate the foot during and after impact. Start with your feet a bit more toes-out and it will be easier for your front foot to maintain contact with the turf during the swing. The clubface is also a bit closed as a consequence of the club’s position at the top of the swing. The more “laid-off” position at the top will help both the path of the club coming down and the clubface position during impact. When the clubface is square and the club is pointing more down the line at the top the miss shouldn’t curve to the left or start too far off line to the right. Here are a couple of pictures of some adjustments that will get you more on track. Feetandtop Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/211/04/ask-brady-riggs-live.html#ixzz1Imz1Rri8   Jan Lernfelt asks at 7:15: Managed to get a round under my belt while on vacation in the south of France, a bit different from indoor training indoors in Winter-Sweden.
I've been working on a couple of things since the last time I wrote you, but mainly not to take the club to far on the inside going back. This is of course the main cause for me coming over the top sometimes. It looks a lot better than before in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_-iU1yiW1U However, I can still see and feel that I come just a fraction outside-to-inside on my shots. Should I over exaggerate the feeling that I am driving the club to the right of the target, to get the feeling of coming more from the inside, or is it my lower body that is not active enough? I hit the ball really well now actually, and have gained some distance too, but I want to be able to hit a draw when I need to, without flipping my hands (which is the only way I can hit a draw right now)... Make sure you aren’t standing too far from the ball in the address position. In the above video your weight is sitting back too far in your heels. If you get closer to the ball and start with the weight more in the balls of your feet the club will work more up and less in automatically. This will make it easier for the club to stay on track in the transition as the momentum of what used to be back and in to over will have been removed. Send in the new and improved move so we can see the progress. Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2011/04/ask-brady-riggs-live.html#ixzz1ImwU7hFF   Doug asks at 7:00: My worst miss is a straight push or occasional push/slice (I'm right handed). I can pretty much feel what I'm doing in my swing: I tend to get "stuck behind my body" a lot, and my hands and right hip don't follow through completely, leading to a swing path that just trails off to the right, and my ball follows. There's also a weight shift issue, as I rarely finish as much on my left foot as I need to, and if I focus on doing so, I end up swaying too much. Any thoughts on how I can groove my follow through to be more rounded and complete, and get my weight smoothly shifted? Thanks! A great thought is for your right shoulder to be the closest thing to the target at the end of the follow through. When you hit the push slice the right shoulder is often too low during impact with the body’s weight stuck on the back foot. This makes it very difficult for the clubface to rotate properly through impact, producing the push and push/slice. Focus on keeping your right shoulder up during impact and moving around towards the target and you will see an immediate improvement in your miss. Here is a picture for you to try and emulate at the finish. Keep in mind that your flexibility or lack thereof can make it hard to get all the way around. Go as far as you can without straining. Finish Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/top100/2011/04/ask-brady-riggs-live.html#ixzz1Imsk99yE  

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