Tuesday, March 29, 2011

P1-kang-mon_298x388 This week Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs is working with a student, U.S. Amateur winner Danielle Kang, at the LPGA's first major of the season, the Kraft Nabisco Championship. Brady will file stories from the course throughout the week, so keep checking back for more updates. If you'd like to submit a question for Brady about your own swing, click here and check back on Wednesday to see his responses. MONDAY Here's a photo of Danielle and her caddy, Ty Gretzky. Ty is a strong player in his own right and an asset on the bag this week. While he lacks experience as a caddy, he can keep Danielle loose and relaxed. Practice rounds can be boring. A very slow group in front of us made for a long afternoon. Ty provided some comic relief. Danielle might never stop laughing when Ty puts on the full body caddy bib. She offered Ty $100 to jump in the lake on 18 after the round to practice for Sunday afternoon. (Never can be too prepared, right?) He chickened out.
---- P1-kang-yardages_298x293 A big part of Monday's practice round is getting Danielle's yardages down. This starts on the tee box, where we identify the correct landing distance to stay away from trouble and maximize her opportunities to get her approach shots close.
It continues with charting carry distance with the driver and 3-wood, plus average roll-out in the fairway. The fairways were quite long today, very little roll-out off the tee.
The iron distances need to be dialed in with both the carry distance for each club and the average roll-out when it hits the green. The greens were very firm this afternoon, wedges were jumping between 6 and 12 yards forward, long irons would roll 10-20 yards after hitting the putting surface.
---- P1-kang-range_298x339 Here's a shot of Danielle warming up before the practice round on Monday. Danielle is recovering from a muscle strain in her back, but her swing looked good on the range.
We wanted to get on the course ASAP, so Danielle only hit about 20 balls. Just a warm-up. She's been fighting with some left shots of late, we will be working on it during the practice round.
This is a great spot coming down. The club is right on plane and her knees are still parallel to the target line. Not only is this a powerful position, the patient lower body keeps the swing in sync.

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