Monday, July 05, 2010

P1-golf-fix_283x450 It doesn't matter if you're a scratch handicap or a weekend duffer -- no golfer is immune from losing his swing in the middle of a round.Thankfully, now there's an app for that.It's called "Golf Shot Fixes," and it's the brainchild of Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Mitchell Spearman. A former PGA Tour pro, Spearman has created an app that offers high-def video tips to correct virtually any type of swing malfunction. Problem areas addressed include slices, hooks, shanks and chunked chips. More than 60 video clips were filmed at Orlando's Isleworth Country Club."My app gives instant access to professional advice so you can figure out what you're doing wrong and fix your swing straightaway," Spearman said. "Your skills -- and round -- will improve immediately."The app costs $4.99 and is now available in the iTunes Store. For more information, visit

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