Ask the Top 100 Live: Brady Riggs offers swing tips

Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at noon Eastern to review your swing videos, answer questions and offer tips. Be first in line by asking a question in the comments section below. Thanks to everyone for your questions and especially your videos. This was a very good blog today. Let's keep it going next week with some more interesting videos, questions, and opinions about the golf swing. Have a great week and go Packers!CJ asks at 1:00:Tiger switched coaches from Butch Harmon to Hank Haney. And Ernie
Els switched from Leadbetter to Harmon. So what are the different
coaching styles of those 3 coaches that cause the players to chop and
You would think that they are all teaching the same fundamentals but
they clearly can't be otherwise the players wouldn't change between

CH3fan asks at 12:55:I was a huge Charles Howell fan when he first came onto the Tour. I
love his swing and the power he generates, it gives us smaller guys
hope. But he never quite lived up to the hype.
I was watching him at the range at one Tour event and you could see
what a great ballstriker he is compared to the other guys. It must be
embarrassing for Leadbetter cos all along he was telling everyone how
good CH3 is.
How come he has never translated his talent into more wins than he has? Thanks.

Stephen asks at 12:45:Hi Brady
How much of an effect is the new groove rule going to have on the Tour in 2010? Will it effect some players more than others?
Always interested to hear your thoughts.

Tim Fox asks at 12:40:Hi, Brady. I golfed with my 92-year-old Dad the other day, and took
some video of his swing. He was a scratch golfer in his day, and still
enjoys playing. Since he had a stroke in his left eye, his game has
become inconsistent. He still has good flexibility (for a 92 year
old!), and good rhythm. I made the following video with a few examples
of when things go well, and a few when they go bad. Please take a look,
and help us with what's going wrong. Thanks!BK asks at 12:25:I am a weekend golfer with 12-handicap. My biggest problem with the
game is the Tee Shots. My nice shots are draws but most of the time
they are hooks and I see lots of out-of-bounds shots (left). Once in a
while, I push them straight to the right. Slices very rarely happen to
me and I am not worrying about it. Sometimes, I lose balance on my
follow-through and need to take a step or two backwards to maintain the
balance especially with the driver. I usually play in 80s but I've never
broke 80. If I cure my hook (that is costing me about 5-6 shots per
round), I think, I can break 80. I have included a couple of clips of
my swing. Do you have any suggest for me to try? Also, am I changing my
spine angle (standing up a bit) on the down swing? Can that be recipe
for the hook? If so what can I do to fix it?

Matt asks at 12:12:Here is my swing. I am about a 10-handicap, and my swing is one plane with the target-line view. What can you tell me on how to fix my weight shift,
especially that hip movement.

Thanks for sending in your swing, Matt. I am going to give you a quick analysis of your swing and then tell you where I want you to go with it. This may not be the specific advice you asked for but in my opinion it is how you should proceed. You have no movement away from the target with your upper body, specifically your head. As a result, your spine is too upright at the top leading to an excessively long backswing, especially for an iron, and the tendency to attack the ball on a steep angle. To compensate for this, your head dives down and back as you approach impact in a last-ditch effort to get the club to the inside before impact. The loss of your level (head and chest at roughly the same height during the swing) makes contact inconsistent and can lead to neck and back problems in the future.If I had you on my lesson tee I would immediately show you pictures of great players moving their head away from the target on the backswing like Davis Love III, Anthony Kim, Tiger, etc., to encourage you to move. This would allow your spine to tilt away from the target going back, limiting the length of your swing and flattening out your arm swing. This would put you in a more athletic feel at the top, allowing you to shift your weight back toward the target like you were stepping into a baseball throw. With the club coming from more behind you there would be no need to dive back behind the ball, helping you keep your level and release freely to the target. Like I said, this may not be what you were looking for but in my opinion it is where you should start. Send me a new video from both angles when you feel like you have made some progress.dday 39 asks at 12:00:Brady,
So what's your beef with stack and tilt? Really, I guess my question
is: What is more important in the golf swing; hitting the proper
positions or having a repeatable swing with predictable results? On
Tour there are so many different swings. I think the only thing they
have in common is the impact position. With a conventional swing, I
sliced the ball like crazy. With a S&T swing I hit a 4 yard draw

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