Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Top 100 Teacher,I'm having a horrible time hitting fairway woods. I'm getting these huge divots that are bigger than my sand-wedge divots.Charles L., via emailBig divots with your fairway wood are usually caused by a steep downswing (think of a chopping motion).  You should also check that your ball placement isn't too far back in your stance.  To cure a steep downswing try the following two drills:1. Tee up some balls at driver height and try to sweep the ball away (using a 5-wood or 3-wood) without clipping the tee.2. Practice hitting a 5-wood from a sidehill lie with the ball above your feet. Grip down on the handle and concentrate on making a flatter backswing.  Making some exaggerated, inside-out practice swings will also help to "shallow" out your swing and develop a feeling of the correct motion.Good luck,KeithGolf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Keith Lyford is director of instruction at the Golf Academy at Old Greenwood in Truckee, Calif. You can read more about Keith at

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