Monday, April 06, 2009

We asked our Top 100 Teachers if Phil Mickelson, who works with Butch Harmon (full swing) and Dave Pelz (short game), was overcoached -- 61% said yes and 39% said no. But the teachers were not content to simply cast their ballots. They had more to say on the issue, and we figured you might too. So, here's a list of their best remarks on the question; you can weigh in below in the comments section. Not overcoached, but perhaps over-dependent. – Mitchell Spearman, Manhattan Woods Golf ClubDidn't Hogan say the "secret is in the dirt"? Sometimes you have to figure it out on your own. Yes, Phil is overcoached. – Don Hurter, Castle Pines Golf Club No, he's just not extremely receptive. Both Bones and Butch need to grab Phil and get in his grill and not worry about their paychecks. Phil would be better off for the straightforwardness. – Tom Patri, Friar's Head Golf Club Yes. Phil is a right-brain, creative, feel type of player. He should go with his instincts. – Jim Suttie, Cog HIll GCNo. In fact this is the best he has ever swung the club. – Michael Breed, Sunningdale Country Club No. There is no such thing when the coaching is correct. – Bill Madonna, Bill Madonna Golf Academy Are you kidding? Let him have whomever he wants on his team. He is the only competitor against Tiger. – Nancy Quarcelino, Kings Creek G.C. Not overcoached, but incorrectly coached. – Keith Lyford, Golf Academy at Old Greenwood He is a feel player with two coaches who teach positions. He needs Harvey Penick to come back to life. – Bruce Patterson, Butler National Golf CourseYes. Who coached Hogan, Snead, Trevino, Palmer? – Steve Bosdosh, Members Club at Four StreamsNo. He just doesn't listen. – Eden Foster, Maidstone GCHe uses Butch and Pelz for different reasons, and as long as he keeps them to their strengths, this should be good. – Brian Mogg, Golden Bear Golf Club at Keene's Point If having a swing teacher, a short game specialist, a mental guru, and a physical trainer can lead to overcoaching, then I would say that he very well could be. – Gary WirenPhil Mickelson has always depended on a good bit of outside support. I think he needs more coaching than the average PGA Tour player. So, no, I don't think he's overcoached. – Hank Johnson, Greystone Golf Club Yes and No. He has enough coaches. He sure hasn't made too many changes in the way he plays the game to have the coaching team he has. He has hired great teachers to help him.  In my mind, he needs to listen and pay more attention to Butch. – Shawn Humphries, Cowboys Golf Club Yes. No question. All the stats that Pelz runs at him, plus what Butch tries to get him to do – and I am sure that there are a number of things that they don't agree on – puts Phil in the middle. He needs to go more on instinct and not so much on numbers. – Mike MalaskaPhil is so overcoached that he is becoming like the Irish centipede trying to figure out which leg to move first. – Gerald McCullagh, University of Minnesota Les Bolstad Golf Course Yes, for sure. I have pictures at last year's Masters of Pelz and Harmon at the same time in a tag-team lesson. – Rick Barry, Sea Pines Resort

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