Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Dear T.J.,I seem to suffer from an out-to-in swing. Sometimes it results in a pull-draw, other times a slice. I would be fine with a fade since I’m not hurting for distance. However, I don't think my current swing is the right way to do it. Please take a look at this video and let me know what you think.

Robert W., via email Hi Rob,
You have two problems: a face that is closed to your clubhead path and a path that is left of your target. When you stop your swing at the top you can see the problem. You look a lot like John Daly — whose backswing extends way past parallel [insert Hooters joke here]. Daly used to be able to control his over-swing, but as he ages, drinks more beer and gobbles more Buffalo wings, his timing erodes. Johnny Miller has said that when Daly gets to age 90 he'll be at parallel at the top, but you can't wait until then to fix it.
Here’s what to do:
The bottom line is that over-swings are like the kid who’s late for dinner — he doesn't have time to take the normal route home so he has to jump the fence. You do the same thing in your swing: you take the short route home by coming over the top to jump back to the ball. Then, at impact, you work your hands and produce a pull hook.
The fix is to shorten your backswing. Wrap a broom handle in one of those foam noodles kids use at the pool, and ask someone to hold it adjacent to your left shoulder. If your backswing goes past parallel, you'll strike the noodle with your club.
It will take a bit of coordination, but I use this device all the time to shorten swings.
Good luck and keep me posted
Best, T.J. 

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