Monday, March 02, 2009

We asked our Top 100 Teachers if
Hank Haney will be able to fix Charles Barkley’s swing – 58 percent said yes and 42 percent said no. Here are some of their comments.
Miracles do happen. –- Donald Kotnik, Toledo Country Club A homeless non-golf-playing alien could improve Barkley's swing. -- Jim McLean, Jim McLean Golf School Feb27_barkley_299x378 It would be a shame to lose such a unique motion with such high entertainment value.  Some say it is the finest swing of its kind. -- Mike Bender, Timacuan Golf Club Don't  you have to have a swing to have it fixed? - Dr. Gary Wiren, Trump International Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, Rick Smith and the U.S. Marine Corps led by Dr. Frankenstein couldn't fix Sir Charles. -- Tom Patri, Friar's Head Golf Club It's not his swing that needs to be fixed, it's his head. He needs Dr. Debbie Crews, because he has the full-swing yips. -- Jane Frost, Jane Frost Golf School Some time ago, I suggested to Charles that he start over left handed. It's too bad he didn't take my advice. He would be having fun playing golf by now. -- Hank Johnson, Greystone Golf Club I'm sure with the time spent with Charles he can help him, but I don't think he will FIX him. -- Fred Griffin, Grand Cypress Academy of Golf His problem is fear. He's hit so many embarrassing shots that he wants to play but doesn't want to make contact -- a tough combo in golf. If Haney understands operant conditioning, then he can help. If Haney doesn't understand, he will probably trick up the results. -- Dr.  T.J. Tomasi, PGA Learning Center
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. -- John Elliott, Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club Does Charles have a year? No. Charles will always have that swing. -- Nancy Quarcelino, Kings Creek G.C. Not unless he uses shock treatment. -- Keith Lyford, Golf Academy at Old Greenwood All of Charles's golfing pals aren't rooting for him. One of his friends told me, "Charles is my annuity and I don't want to see it fixed." -- Brian Mogg, Brian Mogg Performance Center at Golden Bear Golf Club There is no chance that Haney can repair the damage that has been done. Barkley's swing and motor program are beyond repair. -- Mike Adams, Hamilton Farm G.C. Watch Barkley's swing in the video below. Do you think Haney can fix Sir Charles?

(Photo: AP)

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