Friday, November 14, 2008

You don’t have to go out and buy the latest and greatest driver, irons and putter this winter, but you should make sure your equipment—from driver to putter—is ready to go when spring rolls around. A golf club has more than 20 components and you should make sure you check on the most important ones as part of your winter tune-up.
First you need to check the loft and lie angles of your irons. Over time the lofts and lie angles can change through use. Make a visit to a club-fitting professional to ensure your clubs have the proper loft and lie. Improper lofts and lies can result in the ball being pulled or pushed even when properly hit. The club-fitting professional will also make sure there is a uniform distance between each iron and that your wedges are spaced apart properly for distance control.
Next you want to check your hybrids, fairway metals and driver to make sure the lofts fit into the spacing of your set. After that be sure to check your putter, because even if you had your putter properly fit when you purchased it, no club’s playing characteristics will change more. Your putter has the softest metal built into it, which is why it can change so quickly. For example, just leaning on your putter can change its loft and lie.
Finally, change the grips on all your clubs at least once a year—better yet, change them to start the season and midway through it. It’s not a bad idea to have the club-fitting professional make sure the new grips fit your hands properly, either. Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Mike Perpich teaches at RiverPines Golf Club in Alphretta, Ga.

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