Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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in the game. Please include your name and hometown. Do you have a video of your faulty swing? Upload the video from your digital camera to a service like YouTube and send us the link. We'll send it off to a Top 100 Teacher for help ASAP. Dear T.J.,Please take a look at my daughter's putting stroke and let me know any advice you have for her. She's only 12 but I think she has potential.

Thanks,  Mike S. via email

Hi T.J.,I'm a 4 handicap and I have struggled with my grip for more than 15 years. Between one and five times per round, the driver slips in my left hand on my downswing, resulting in short, ugly toe hooks. I grip the club pretty much per Ben Hogan’s advice and use an interlocking grip. I suspect my problem is initiating the downswing with the hands versus the hips. Any ideas?Mike B.,
Arlington Va.


Grasp the club with the fingers of your right hand in the middle of the shaft and hold the club at arm's length so that the clubhead is above your forehead. Now, reach out and wrap the fingers of your left hand around the shaft and place your left thumb down the right side of the shaft. Asktop1002_300Its the fat pad of the left hand that secures the handle of the cub.

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