Friday, August 29, 2008

Are you ready to shoot a personal best this weekend? Use the these three simple but effective tips and you’ll have no problems at all. 1. Pick Specific TargetsOn every tee, focus on a target where you want to hit your next shot, but don’t designate a broad landing area, like the middle or left center of the fairway. Make it very specific—the smaller the target, the better. For example, the first hole at my home course, RiverPines in Alpharetta, Ga., has two huge trees in the background off the right center of the fairway. On the right tree, a branch sticks out, and on that branch there’s a limb that you can see very clearly. I always make that my target and aim at the tip of the branch. You can even try visualizing your ball sitting out in the fairway at the exact distance you want it. Zero in, pick your target, and be very specific as to where you want to aim. 2. Forget The FlagstickOn every approach shot, take the flagstick out of the picture and divide the green into thirds from the front to the back. If the flag is in the back third, pick a club that will allow you to hit the ball to the middle third. Use this simple rule: Flagstick up, ADD a club, flagstick back SUBTRACT a club. Don’t over-think this, just try it and see what happens. This simple rule should help eliminate the problem of taking too much club, or not enough, on your approach shots. 3. Focus on the PresentWhen you drive into the parking lot at your course and get out of your car, picture in your mind a huge door one inch behind your back. Wherever you go on the course that day that door is going to follow you. You can never look back without seeing the Big Door, so you should focus your thoughts and mind on tasks that lay ahead. This visualization trick helps you keep your mind on what you are about to do—not on what has already happened. Keeping your thought away from the last hole or the last round will help you focus on the shot you are about to hit. No matter what happens during your round, do not open that door!
Give these three simple ideas a try and you just might achieve a personal best this weekend. Good luck! GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Mike Perpich teaches at RiverPines Golf Club in Alphretta, Ga.

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