Thursday, July 24, 2008

When I see amateurs
practice at the range and show no signs of improvements -- or even start
getting worst -- I wonder, What they can
be working on?
Too many times people go
to the driving range and try to fix their entire swing, thinking about their
footwork, and their takeaway, and their head, and their weight shift, and their
downswing trigger and etc.
Don’t be that guy. When
you try to fix all your problems, you won’t fix any of them. I don’t care if
your swing looks like a broken cotton-candy maker, the next time you practice,
set aside all your other problems and focus on the main one. If your goal is to
improve your grip, then with every ball and every swing, think about how your
hands are placed on the club. This means even if you top one, your
grip is still improving. That’s the reason for going to the range. Donald Crawley teaches at Boulder Golf Academy in Carefree,

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