Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yes, Padraig Harrington played a great round Sunday at Royal Birkdale under difficult conditions to win his second consecutive British Open. This is his moment. But you're not a real golf fan if you're not wondering how Tiger Woods would have fared on this course in that weather.
The answer? It's hard to imagine Tiger not playing well enough to win. Nothing against Padraig. He really turned it on over the back nine, but he would have had to play that way all day to keep pace with Tiger. The real key to Tiger's success is how smart he is, and he would have had a strategy for this course. Remember when he won at Liverpool in 2005 while keeping his driver in the bag? With a Sunday lead at Birkdale, he could have done that again.
I think you would have seen a lot of stinger irons, and the driver only when he needed it. He can hit all the shots, so he would have fought the wind at times and rode it other times. Tiger doesn't care if he wins by 10 strokes or one, he just wants to win.
The funny thing is that Padraig is the same way. If he was a boxer, he'd go 15 rounds with you blow-for-blow. Would he have been able to go the distance with Tiger? It would have been fun to watch, but we got a pretty good show anyway.

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