Kim is latest winner in a year of youthful resurgence on the PGA Tour

Woods won 46 times and 10 majors before his 30th birthday.

Certainly, it's tougher to win in the Tiger Era, but Duval won all his trophies with Woods on tour.

Why aren't young guys winning at that rate any more?

"I think there's a great crop of young players that are out on tour," Mickelson said. "I don't know if the increased depth of talent makes it more challenging, or if guys are able to play better golf later in their 30s and 40s. That could be a big element. But when I look at these young players in their 20s, they're all so talented. They all have so much game, and a lot of them have won this year.

"I don't think it's an area of concern by any means."

Kim was the youngest PGA Tour winner since Garcia captured the Mercedes Championship in 2002 three days before turning 22. He can only hope this is the start of bigger things, but Howell and Sean O'Hair had similar aspirations after their first and second victories.

There's a reason Woods said to Kim, "It's about time."

Kim is as good, if not better, than any other youngster to join the PGA Tour since Woods said, "Hello, world" in 1996.

Mark O'Meara has a better perspective than most. Woods sought him out when he turned pro, and O'Meara hadn't seen anything close to that kind of talent until he wound up as Kim's partner in the Merrill Lynch Shootout last fall.

Afterward, O'Meara was raving about him.

"Everybody asks who is the next young player to come along," O'Meara said earlier this year. "I see a lot of talented young players. Nothing really kind of jumped out at me until I played with this kid. I played with Anthony for three rounds, and I was blown away.

"I would expect big things out of him this year."

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