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  • The Power of Angles: Discover your personal key to a powerful and efficient swing

    .) Dr. David Wright 1968522 (Instruction, Dr. David Wright, Golf All Stars) David Wright, Reggie ... coaches, Reggie Smith ("Dr. Wright's science," Smith says, "proved everything I ...

  • How to Think Your Way to Solid Shots

    shot. Dr. David Wright 1886575 (Instruction, Dr. David Wright, All Shots, All Clubs, Top 100 Teachers ...

  • How to Find the Right Stance Width

    . Dr. David Wright 1846287 (Instruction, Dr. David Wright, All Shots, All Clubs) How to Find ...

  • How to Handle Sidehill Lies

    . Dr. David Wright ... playing a shot from an uphill lie. DAVID WRIGHT operates the Wright Balance Golf Academy ...

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