Design Your Own Cobra BiO Cell+ Driver

Cobra Bio Cell+ Custom Drivers Cobra Bio Cell+ Custom Drivers (Courtesy of Cobra)

If you’re into custom drivers Cobra Golf has you covered with the new Cobra Design Lab. The interactive site gives any golfer the ability to design their own BiO Cell+ driver with a choice of clubhead color, paint and crown color, crown pattern, grip color, and shaft model.
The colors available for a custom BiO Cell+ driver ($449) are black, blue aster, Capri blue, verdant green, vibrant orange, Barbados red, cobra silver, and gold fusion. The four crown patterns are BioCell, DigiCamo, Matte, or marble. The stock shaft is a Matrix Red-Tie 6Q3, but two other models, the Diamana D+ 72 and the PXV Tour 52, are available with no extra charge.
“At COBRA Golf, we create high-performing products for golfers who are looking for the ultimate blend of style and performance on the golf course,” said Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing. “With the new COBRA Design Lab, golfers now have the opportunity to showcase their personality through color and unique designs while still outdriving their competition with their BiO CELL+ Driver.”
Drivers designed in the Cobra Design Lab are expected to ship within 1-2 weeks from order date.
- Michael Chwasky
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