Friday, August 30, 2013

It's not Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium, but Roger Clemens still has his game face on. 
Whether it was when he was on stage in front of a huge crowd at Wednesday night's 19th Hole or speaking to the fans afterwards, you could tell the way Clemens was playing in the World Amateur Handicap Challenge was killing him. 
The seven-time Cy Young Award winner mentioned one of his main problems was deciding on a set of clubs with several sets of irons and different putters and drivers in the trunk of his car. 
"I'm not playing very well this year, but I love the event. It's a great turnout," said Clemens, who holds a 3.8 handicap in the Senior (age 50-59) division.
One of the main issues for Clemens has been a drastic change in shot shape. He normally plays a power fade which allows him to control balls off the tee. This year, he's hitting it like a Nascar driver drives.
"I only turn left now," Clemens joked about his new-found hook shot.
His playing partner Wednesday at Wedgefield Plantation Golf Club witnessed 'The Rocket' shoot a 86, but no "good shots" were uttered.
"I actually got to play with a guy from China," Clemens said. "Even though there was a little bit of a language barrier, we had a lot of good smiles and a few thumbs up, and we had a great time. We helped each other out a little bit."
Clemens, who has played in this event for several years, is the biggest celebrity at the World Amateur and keeps coming back.
"It is great competition," Clemens said. "You're going to see a number of golf courses here in Myrtle Beach. You have to tip your hat the golf courses that have us out. They keep the care and keep the course nice for us when we come down to play this event. People come from far away to play this event wanting to have friendly compeition, and that's exactly what it is."
Clemens finished the tournament tied for 35th with rounds of 88, 90, 86 and 80. 
"The week has been just like the other times I've been here, a great deal of fun," Clemens said.
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