Thursday, August 29, 2013

HaneyHank Haney and the International Junior Golf Academy have gone their separate ways, according to an article in the Hilton Head Island Packet, in part because of the noted instructor's various other obligations.

Peter Orrell, president and CEO at IJGA parent company Junior Sports Corporation, said the split was mutual."Hank has made an enormous contribution to the IJGA," Orrell said. "He's a guy I have grown to respect and like. The guy has been an awesome coach and has a great work ethic."
Orrell said a new baby and other professional obligations kept Haney from Hilton Head more than both sides would have liked.

Orrell said the academy is moving in a positive direction. He noted its expansion to four golf courses, investment in high-end teaching technology, quality coaches and a staff club fitter.
He compared the academy's split with Haney to Haney's split from Woods.
"It was time for us to move on," Orrell said.
(Photo: AP)

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