By Josh Sens
Friday, July 26, 2013

Dustin and Paulina sittin’ in a tree.
And, more recently, posing for a picture at the new Toronto restaurant owned by Paulina’s dad, Wayne Gretzky. Johnson is in town to play the RBC Canadian Open. Paulina is in town because, well, why not?
In an age when many celebrities struggle to keep their private lives just that, Johnson and Gretzky take the opposite approach, memorializing their public displays of affection and transmitting them around the globe. They are their own paparrazzi, giving us glimpses of their yacht-riding, beach-going, monkey-loving days. No moment, it seems, is too small for public broadcast.
And no bikini, it seems, is too small for Paulina to wear. PHOTOS: Dustin and Paulina

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