Monday, June 24, 2013

56470716 First, Tiger was back. Then he wasn't. Then he was back again, maybe. Since he finished 32nd at Merion in the U.S. Open, the world No. 1 is back to being not back.
Nick Faldo seems to agree. The former world No. 1 ranked player, who
is coming out of retirement for the upcoming British Open in July, spoke to The Daily Mail about Tiger's struggles in major championships.

think Tiger's woken up and realized this is a hard sport and he
is a mere mortal after all. For so many years he was so good, he was
such an amazing athlete. When he went pro he went off like a rocket.
"But he's not in a good mental place.
It was so easy for him before, he made it look so easy, when it is such
a hard sport. But whatever he's been through, with all his personal
problems, has made an impact on his mind - and so much of this sport is
all in the mind. Nerve is the bottom line.
"I know he wants to come back and prove that he can do it."
Faldo called for Tiger to do the
"manly thing"
he appeared on CBS and changed course,  backtracking on his initial opinion. Photo: Nick Faldo looks on
as Tiger Woods tees off during the first round of the 2006 Open
Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club (Getty Images)

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