By Josh Sens
Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jack-nicholson-golf_640Jack Nicholson, who won an Oscar for his work in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," appears to have done something certifiably nuts: he’s spent $75,000 on new golf clubs. As Marketwatch reported this week, the A-list actor is the proud owner of a 14-club set from high-end Japanese manufacturer Honma, which has been in the business for 54 years but has never produced anything quite like this.
According to the company, the exorbitant clubs require the handiwork of 100 artisans, who spend eight weeks crafting the clubs out of platinum and 24-karat gold, among other materials.
Whether they will help Nicholson, a reported 12.5 index who picked up the game 20 years ago, is another matter.
But he isn’t the only headliner to shell out for them.
Big hitters Marc Anthony and Danny Devito also own a set of Honmas. Consider it a tax on stupidity. (Photo: ROBERT GALBRAITH/Reuters)

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