Tiger Woods and caddie talked about Kobe Bryant at Torrey: Truth & Rumors

Tiger_lacavaWith the Torrey Pines South course backed up on Monday, Tiger Woods and his caddie Joe LaCava did what most golfers do when facing long waits: they talked about sports. According to Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles Times, Woods and LaCava passed the time -- nearly four hours to play 11 holes -- talking about the Los Angeles Lakers, specifically Kobe Bryant.

So how did he spend his time while standing on various tees and fairways, waiting to hit while players in front of him dawddled along?

"We talked a lot about Kobe [Bryant]," said Woods' caddie, Joe LaCava. "He loves Kobe and he couldn't believe he had 14 assists the other night. He was stoked about that."

Bryant had 14 assists in the Lakers' win Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Woods has long claimed the Lakers, the Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Dodgers as his favorite pro sports teams; he's never expressed much interest in hockey. [Photo: Tiger Woods and Joe LaCava wait on the 17th hole at Torrey Pines South on Monday. Getty Images]
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by Kevin Cunningham