By petedirenzo
Friday, December 21, 2012

Three months after Martin Kaymer made the putt that clinched the Ryder Cup for the Europeans, Kaymer spoke to the Daily Mail's Derek Lawrenson about what was really on the line -- his career.

"Now I honestly feel like my whole career might have been on the line," he said.
"I sometimes think about what would have happened if I had missed it. Would I have had the mental strength to recover from thinking I had let down a whole continent?"
"I hadn’t played well on Friday and was desperate to show what I could do on Saturday, so you can imagine how I felt when I was told I wasn’t playing," he said.
"I could see that something huge was potentially unfolding. One, two, three, four points, on I went but I knew we needed at least a point from me, or two half-points from Francesco and me."
"The last three holes were great, the excitement was beautiful. On the 17th I had a four-footer that I had to hole and, when that went in, it gave me a lot of belief."

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